Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Listen to me, I'm on Stereo!- J Lee's Wonderful Horrible Life. pt 2"

You don't have to back pack in Europe for the summer and skate in crappy contests in Amsterdam, surviving on Grolsh and sausage to have a proper Stereo Adventure. You don't have to go on an architectural photo safari to Egypt using only vintage camera equipment from the sixties to live a Stereo Adventure, either. You don't even have to move to San Francsico and ride your bike in the deepest trails and meadows of Golden Gate park , to live the experience.

I used to tell kids that you can have a Stereo adventure, anywhere really- you just have to imagine the possibilities of your situation. You don't necessarily have to hang out at an independently owned coffee store, that plays jazz, world and experimental avant-guarde music. Going to your local delicatessen in the middle of a work day, drinking coffee in a Styrofoam cup while drawing all over a leftover copy of the New York Times could suffice, if you did it right.

You can actually have more genuine Stereo moments doing every day things: writing a letter with a typewriter to a friend who lives far away, walking out of your house to your nearest mail box, dropping the letter in the mail box and then walking back to your house- is a good one.

More ideas for "Living in Stereo":

Going to the library and looking at old newspaper clippings on microfiche.

Recording acoustic guitar on an eight track, alone in your closet.

Having a Moleskin, jotting down, notes ,thoughts and ideas through out the day ,as time permits.

Auditing an archeology class at your local university and not showing up on test days.

Going to a Soccer Game.

Not having an mp3 format player and only listening to music using a record player.

Always keeping a pair of binoculars handy and readily available.

Taking the bus.

Collecting bongos and different types of keyboards.

Participating in unpaid internships.

Not having a cell phone and just having a land line at home.

Drinking only gin and tonics, martinis or obscure foreign light beers.


Having a telescope if you live in a highrise.

Building your girlfriend a bike.

Going to silent movie nite at the coffee house.

Using chopsticks when you eat Chinese food.

Developing your own photos in your darkroom at your house.

Riding in a boat.

Reading Cliff's notes for books you're not required to read.

Using a weathered brief case that has stickers of every city its been to, instead of a bagpack.

Watering a plant.

Renting VHS tapes.

Playing croquette.

Waiting till the sun goes down. Going downtown and taking an elevator to the top of an old building and staring out the window at the city lights to gain perspective. (you could have an mp3 player or walkmans on you, if it is playing some sort of classic jazz).

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tedbarrow said...

this is an excellent blog, but is having a stereo adventure the same thing as having a classy manifesto?

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