Thursday, April 1, 2010

Listen to me, I'm on Stereo!- J Lee's Wonderful Horrible Life. pt 3


Jay snuck through the back door and was relieved when he saw the workers standing around the Red Bull fridge, in the break area. As luck would have it, no one had started working yet.

Jay could hear Reese mentioning the Brian Tucci Highest Ollie Contest again, as if it was the first time he had talked about it out loud at the office.

Reese had been going on and on about the Brian Tucci Highest Ollie Contest, ever since he had heard about it,for the last four work days now. He's so paranoid that he automatically assumes Brian deliberately organized the contest as a riff on his two highest ollie challenges- as if Brian wanted to take something away from Reese. Even though Tucci had never made more than ten grand riding a skateboard and Reese Forbes had been practically groomed by the industry since he was a kid- he still somehow saw Tucci's contest as a threat.

Jay heard him saying with an authoritatively cautious and self righteous air: "No, I hope it works out for Brian - I'm sure it will."

"Brian's been around for a while. I hope he gets what he deserves", continued Reese as if he were being quoted in a magazine.

Then when Reese see's an opening and waits for the right time to ad a punch line, he blurts: " WHOS HE GONNA GET TO SPONSOR THE CONTEST,OSIRIS???!???? BWAH- HA HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!"

"Oh yeah, he was on Osiris flow, because of T-mag- thats right!" comments Atiba.

Reese and Atiba are cutting up in unison and Atiba gives him knuckles while Megan says sarcastically under her breath: "Boy, I sure didn't see that one coming!"

" No. No. I'm just kidding! I'm just Kidding!" says Reese acting like he's trying to catch his breath, to little fanfare.

"Well, not everybody can get on Nike, Reese" sneered Danny Minnick, while adjusting his back brace.

"Yeah, thank GAWD!" retorted Reese defiantly.

For once Jay's relieved there's no focus on him. While he stealthy creeps over to his corner cubicle, he is about 55 millimeters out of the group's sight when he hear Daniel Castillo's voice from behind.

"Hey, Jason what do you think of the Brian Tucci High Ollie Challenge?" asks Daniel with playful contempt, knowing that by default Jay's opinion would be diametrically opposed to Reese's.

While turning around Jay replys " Well,I sure hope Danny Wainright doesn't show up!"

"What did you say?!?" snaps Reese like he doesn't miss a beat.

Jay reply soothingly"I said, 'Who's sponsoring the event? Zoo York or Shut?'"

Reese pauses a bit confused, to which he replys "Oh, neither. It's Circle A, I think."

"Excellent! Now if you'd excuse me I have a conference call to get ready for." Says, Jay not even thinking about how his old estranged best friend, Ed Templeton used to ride for Circle A almost thirty years ago, because Jay just so desperately wanted to be back in the sanctuary that is my corner cubicle.

"Not so fast Jason. You didn't tell us what you though about the Brian Tucci Ollie Challenge Contest!" continues Daniel Castillo.

"Daniel!" Jay says through clinched teeth in a loud whisper at him.

"Yeah, you never told us what you thought about the Brian Tucci Ollie Challenge Contest. Jason, what do you think about the Brian Tucci High Ollie Challenge?" says Reese with a tone of indictment like something had passed under his radar.

"Well there's only one High Ollie Challenge I think about." Says Jay in his overtly fake voice while winking at Reese.

"Yeah, me too!! That's what I'm saying! There's only one High Ollie Challenge and that's the Reese Forbes Highest Ollie Challenge!! I don't know, I'm just a little insulted, that's all." says Reese like Jay won back his confidence. This was because Jay had reading been his mind all along.


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