Friday, April 2, 2010

Listen to me, I'm on Stereo!- J Lee's Wonderful Horrible Life. pt 4


Spinoza’s Ethica ordine geometrico demonstrata (Ethics demonstrated in geometrical order) is based on a deductive method derived from Euclidean geometry. Spinoza maintains that the validity of ethical ideas can be demonstrated by mathematical argument or proof. Spinoza asserts that ethics can be based on a geometric model in which axioms and propositions follow each other with logical necessity. This reflects the view that ethical truth has the same logical necessity as mathematical truth. Spinoza sees ethics as a rational system corresponding to the rational nature of the universe.

Jason is huddled behind his desk hunched, in his chair- his back flush with the credenza of his desk. He's whispering into the phone:

"Look Walt, I'm practically giving them away to you!! No, I understand its a lot of decks! Yeah, I know cruiser boards don't sell as much. Look, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. Right before Daniel packs them up, I'm gonna autograph and edition each and everyone by hand myself! My guest model is limited run, anyways- you won't even have to sell them in your shop!! You can upload them onto e-bay!! It's like were printing our own money!"

Jason stands up and sees the top of Meagan's head zip zingering through the cubicle corridors to the point where it gets big enough that he knows shes coming over to see him.

Jason: "Listen Walt. I godda go. You're the best! No, you really are the best! You're on Stereo, man! I mean it!"

Jason quickly puts on his reading glasses and grabs the closet stack of papers in one hand and the old/mint condition stray Cardiel Spitfire 39 millimeter wheel that always sits on his desk that he likes to hold when hes thinking, in the other hand.

Jason acts like hes working and he doesn't know anyone is around.He lets Meagan linger at the opening of his cubicle, then he coincidentally raises his head up and reacts like he got taken by surprise.

"Oh, Hey Meagan! What can I do you for?" asks Jason, innocently.

"Heeeey Jason, nothing. Just wondering if you finished this months sales report. I don't mean to be such a pest, it's just that Reese thinks its a good idea to start sending them to Larry Balma to help our listing in Transworld Business........"

"To help out our listing in Transworld Business or give away confidential company information to a biased media outlet?!!" jibbed Jason.

"I know, I know it sounds pretty lame. But Reese, thinks running our numbers by them will influence what the writers will speculate for next years projections and hopefully Skatemental can have another record breaking year."

"Ya know back when I had my skateboard company we spent more time trying to actually impress the kids buying the product and less time catering to the clueless adults who owned the shops and ordered the product."

"And thats why yall were so dam cool! Unfortunately theres more at stake these days. People have families and mortgages to support. Not everyone can afford to be all bohemian and live in a flat in the mission with half the team and the filmer."

"Some of the best days of my life." Jason says to himself.

Jason shakes his head out of his momentary daze and continues".....but hey don't worry Ill get you that report by the end of the day,Meg."

"Thanks Jason, you really are the best."

Megan is about to walk away when she sees that the somber expression of Jason's face doesn't change.

"Hey- is everything all right? You look a little a little flustered. You know that you can always talk to me off the record, if you ever need to."

"It's nothing....I don't know. Its just, do you ever feel like you were once onto something, only to have it slip away,Sight Unseen? Did you ever feel like something is really yours but it has fallen into the wrong, undeserving hands?"

"Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about and all I have to say is that my husband Keith is the perfect husband and he is more than capable of attending to all my womanly needs and wishes!"

"Meagan, I'm being serious! I just feel like I've got more to offer than ever, like I've yet to reach my peak, but my environment thinks otherwise. Don't think that I don't know what people say when I'm not around. Everyone just thinks I'm a has been."

"Thats not true! I know a lot of people who look up to you! You know the other day little Daniel C. said he was gonna start taking bongo lessons?!? You can't tell me that his decision can't be attributed to you! Maybe the thing that got you to the top in the first place , was that no one believed in you and it was up to you and only you to prove them wrong.You know, Rocco never got to where he did by listening to Rick Novack's theories on typography and team management. Rocco got there by doing the exact opposite of what everyone was thinking."

Jason pauses and then says to his office manager:" Geez, you know, You're right. Thanks Meg, you really are the best.You know, I'm a very jealous man. Keith must be the luckiest guy in the San Bernadino. "

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