Monday, April 5, 2010

Listen to me, I'm on Stereo!- J Lee's Wonderful Horrible Life. pt 5


Jason in Frisco, somewhere off Portola looking for but never being able to find the tall,steep MUNI bank that lays in front of City College.The background is playing the upbeat rendition from Jason's section in A Visual Sound.

Jason skating from Fort Miley, then pushing down the beach way past Sea Cliff and finally arriving around Peir 7.

A new crowd of skaters is at the Pier. Jason recognizes no one and vice versa. Kids have giant plastic hoops inside their earlobes and tons of tattoos. Someone is even laying, doing presses on a weight bench on top of one of the narrow manual blocks. The jazz in the background has morphed into loud droning bay area beats with Q-Bert sounding effects. Someone parks their overly decorated truck next to everyone skating flat ground and they are all blocking the joggers.

Jason reaches the outskirts of town somehow, the time of day unclear.

Jason is walking on a dirt road on the side of a hill above a valley, when he sees the Cadillac from the Blind video driving towards him. There's now a slower rpm version of the low rider song in the background and the Menacing Cadillac comes at him in slow motion, pulling up right next to him.

The Gonz is driving. Jordan Richter with his head shaved and dressed in full Krishna garb is sitting shot gun.

Jason doesn't want to get in, but he knows somehow he has no choice. The Gonz is talking crazy, going on about something or other to Jordan, when he starts banging on the steering wheel. The Gonz's driving becomes more violent and hes cursing at the windshield. The Gonz turns around to Jason in the backseat and says :"you think you're getting out alive?"- in his unmistakable hi pitched voice.

The car goes off the side of the cliff and pummels down the mountain. Jason sees the interior of the car flipping upside down and the shaky vantage contrasts to the pristine blue sky outside.

Everything goes pitch Black. Jason wakes up on an operating table, in the middle of surgery. The doctor coldly states that he's lucky to be alive, but his face is mangled beyond repair. Jason looks at himself in the mirror and sees the trauma in his eyes of his disfigured face ,staring back at himself.

The nurse pushes him in a wheel chair and he passes Guy and Pablo Diaz who are sitting on the ground in the hall way, sharing a crack pipe. When he passes them they stop what they are doing and stare at him ominously, like Siamese twins.

Jason, wearing a rubber mask, steps out of the wheelchair once he gets into the waiting room office.

Penelope Cruz sits behind the front desk and says something to the effect that the doctor is ready to see him.

Jason lays down in a dentist chair and the doctor is in full surgery gear, his mouth covered by a gauze sling.

The doctor says there's no hope for restoring the damage done to his face but instead Jason will undergo a procedure to erase his memory screen.

Jason doesn't want the surgery- doesn't want to loose his memory, but the surgeon insists it's whats best.

Jason finds that his arms are strapped down and hes paralyzed. The song from Muska's part in "Full Fill the Dream" plays in the background.

The room is consumed in the "DUN DA, DUN DA" synthesizer sample of the Muska beat.

The surgeon has a tattoo gun and starts tattooing a treble clef below Jason's eye.

Jason shakes loose and braces himself against the surgeon. They push on each other and their back and forth motion looks like its choreographed to the Muska beat that is speeding up and slowing back down.

Finally Jason pushes off the sling on the surgeon's face, only to reveal it had been Reese all along.

Reese, with a devilish smile says he will make sure Jason doesn't remember a thing.

The Muska beat keeps speeding up and slowing down at greater intervals.

Jason begs : "I don't want to forget! I don't want to loose my memory!"

"I don't want to forget!"

"I don't want to forget!"

"I don't want to forget!"

Jason pops his head off his desk and his credenza is even in more disarray that usual.

He still says out loud, as if he thinks he is still in the unfulfilled dream: "I don't want to forget!".

Jason looks around, only to find himself safe in the sanctuary of his corner cubicle. He must have dozed off sometime after lunch, and It was all just a daymare.

He opens the drawer to his desk and takes out a mirror and checks his face to make sure it looks all right.

The immediate Tranquility of the office is Juxtaposed against the impending doom he was experiencing in the dream. Everything about the office is normal, but for some reason Jason can still hear a Muska sounding beat coming from out of the break room.........


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