Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Listen to me, I'm on Stereo!- J Lee's Wonderful Horrible Life. pt 6


The skull and cross boards Crailtap clock on the wall read 3:30pm. Jason reluctantly followed the obnoxious beat to the break room so he could procure a much needed espresso sans steamed milk mid afternoon pick me up.

Jason was non plussed to see it was Muska sitting at the round table, blaring the beats out of his silver lap top.

Muska looks up from his keyboard: "Jay-Lee! Whad up, hommie?!"

Jason walks past him and half grunts, barely acknowledging Chad's presence.

"Man, you need to peep this dope ass beat I just produced! You're gonna be so psyched!"

Jason was still drained from his nap and was still thinking in slow motion. Chad could have been the absolute last person he would want to see immediately after waking up, especially after that last dream.

"Check it out, yo!" Says Chad while he's audaciously turning up the volume even louder.

"Turn that down! People are trying to work around here!" snaps Jason.

" I just wanted you to hear my new song."

"I heard your song all right, I could hear it all the way from my cubicle."

Jason takes a bag of ungrounded espresso beans from the shelf and pours them into a white grinder which also coincidentally matches the counter top and the espresso maker. Right when Chad tries to break the awkward silence, Jason presses the grinder button and the machine drones loudly,cutting Chad off.

Jason stops the grinder, removes the lid and spoons the grinds into the small metal bowl.

"And what are you doing here?" says Jason finally.

"Nothin, man. Just waiting for Reese.Were Hittin up the Berricks! Me and Reese have committed to working on our parts together."


"It's gonna be sick! My comeback part. Got some new tricks"

Jason (groans)

"Arent you gonna ask me what trick I got?"

" I'm sorry Chad. What trick you got?" says Jason condescendingly.

" They just installed a real fire hydrant on the platform next to the bank bump- like a real streets of LA bump to hydrant! I got fakie big heels over it! That's pretty sick right? Like an old World trick."

"Yeah, an old World trick if you count when Dan Pageau skated for World."

"Man, what's your problem! You got a real chip on your shoulder!"

"How much is Steve Berra paying for your work on your little video?"

"........He's repping me, Im reppin him. We keep it grip tape mafia. What you got against the Berrics anyways?"

" rather fuck my face then watch you guys document your tricks at the club house."

"Look, times have changed, Jason. Not everything can be a Visual Sound! The skatings good anyways. The other day Reese filmed a big ass ollie over the fire hydrant- like he more than clears it, like the hydrant serves more as a height reference than anything. Ty slomos it when he reaches the pinnacle. It's seriously on some Huff shit."

"Chad, You're not trying to get on Skatemental, are you?"

"What? NO. Maybe. Whats so weird about me on Skatemental anyways?"

"I knew it!"

"Why you trying to rock the boat? Why don't you get back in shape! I mean I'm sure they would love to have you on their web show. Why don't you come out and skate with us?"

"'Ill pass."

Reese walks into the break room and gives Chad a high five.

"What up homie!" says Chad.

"Hey Jason, having some coffee there with your donut belly" jokes Reese as he slaps Jason on the back.

"Very funny. No, we were just talking about your Berricks clip" says Jason as he pulls the tiny espresso cup to his mouth with his pinky pointed out, holding a tiny saucer in the other.

"Oh yeah, my Huff ollie! When they edit it, I'm gonna have them slo mo when I get to the peak of the ollie."

"Good Idea!" says Jason.

Daniel Castillo walks in the break room looking flustered.

"Oh, what's up Danny!"says Jason, for once actually sounding genuinely enthused to see someone.

"I need to see you in the warehouse now!" whispers Danny to Jason, inconspicuously.

"No problem!" says Jason with a tone of assurance.

"Right now!" says Daniel.


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