Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Listen to me, I'm on Stereo!- J Lee's Wonderful, Horrible Life pt. 9


The orange light behind the numbers and letters on the dashboard slowly glowed brighter as the sun burned dim into the Pacific coast - my Volvo 740 belting West, coasting gently down the Santa Monica Highway.

Stereo has long been gone, but Jay still thought about it from time to time. Looking back in hindsight now, seeing the promise of the early nineties fade into what would become the cultural disintegration of the two thousands, Jay knew he backed out at the right time.

JAy still had a guilty habit of building the new fantasy team in my head,though. Imagining out of the crop of current kids on the scene: "Who now could be good on Stereo ?"

For instance, Andrew Reynolds could never be on Stereo. Jay didn't care how good he was, anyone who would willingly participate in an Atiba Jeffersen musical side project could ever be his team.

Anthony Van Engelen somehow could fit on Stereo. But his buddy, Jason Dill - who does still skate amazing just doesn't quite seem to have the aptitude for it all.

Louie Barletta could never be on Stereo and neither could Marc Johnson.

Seth Cheeks could have gone pro for Stereo, and Jay still cringes when he thinks od Dustin Dollin being on.

Danny Gonzales. NO.

Ryan Wilburn? Jay thought he was too Deluxey, too parky.

Nester Judkins is a good candidate. And perhaps a more bookish Dylan Reider -with his short retro haircut. Dylan could squeek by.

Danny Supa could be the token technician- the flash, with that brand of post Zoo York pop he is a contender -could most definitely be a contemporary bookend to Mike Daher and could somehow solidify himself with the "Stereo in Japan" demographic.

Cairo Foster would be good on Stereo, Mike Carroll would be pretty cool too-

What about Nate Broussard? Jay, started to feel subconcious that he was thinking about jis fantasy skate team too much!

But instead of obsessing over an imaginary team, on a company that hasn't really been alive since '96- Jay knew he should be spending his thoughts and energy on what he was gonna do with those friggin 2,500 limited edition Jason Lee signature cruiser decks that he accidentally ordered behind my company's back- the ones that you couldn't even pay someone to skate.

Jay even thought so far as to think that such unintentional mistake could even be considered by some (and especially by Reese), technically as "fraud". Jay pictured himself on the stand in a court room, explaining in a FIT to the prosecuting attorney:

"But I was just trying to sell a couple of extra cruiser decks to some fans on the D.L., that's all!!!"

Jay continuing:

"I think I just accidentally filled out the order form wrong or something."

"Once I resolved the problem, I promise I planned to come clean to everyone with every thing!"

The Prosecuting attorney subjecting Jay to more questioning as to further whittle away what little credibility he walked into the court room with:

"Was it true that you were under the influence of marijuana when you misappropriated thousands of dollars from Skatemental Distribution?!"

Jay further accidentally incriminating himself:

"I'm not too sure. I mean,- I'm always high, so I don't think It would make THAT much of a difference. Anyways, I've done some of my best and most accomplished work on grass. Hell, I friggin used to smoke weed before I smoked weed during my Visual Sound days!"

The prosecuting attorney would solemnly conclude:

"I have no more further questions at this time, your honor."


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