Thursday, April 22, 2010

Charismatic Flake


Jason didn't have time to think about old handrails tonight though, but he sure was gonna session that flat bar- the flat bar that was attached to the floor at Shade, that is.

Monty would be there early, impatiently waiting- smoking a cigarette at the bar in full suit.

Monty was that of an Enigma - he stood tall, slightly over six feet and looked remarkably close to Godfather era James Cann- short Fro-ey hair and all.

Monty's dark eyes like a bat, dart towards Jason walking in:

Ever the charismatic flake, lacking any of the earnestness in his voice that he had when they last talked on the phone, the first thing he says:"Where the hell have you been! You forget how to use the freeway or something?"

" I had to go home and change my shirt and Pomade! Relax! I made it before them anyways." says Jason defensively.

"Yeah just barely! Viv and Sigourney might have showed up with me while I'm
here alone at the bar, looking like some kinda chump."

It was rare when Jason saw Monty this stressed out, so he knew Mont meant buisiness.

"One of the girls' names is Sigourney?" Says Jason half smirking.

"Yeah- why?" says Monty even more annoyed.

"Like Sigourney Weaver?"

"Yeah, genius like Sigourney Weaver! Congratulations for seeing Ghost Busters! That's your girl!"

Right before Jason has a chance to retort, Monty bumps up against him and drops a small heavy sack into Jason's blazer pocket and says: "You owe me big time for this!"

Jason didn't even have to see it to know what it was.

"Aw, come on. What is this!?" says Jason.

"Some of Bolivia's finest. I'll put it on your tab."

"No Mont, not tonight! I don't even do this stuff anyways!"

"Yeah that's what you said last time. Look ,the girls are meeting up expecting to have a good time and I don't intend to let them down." says Monty gravely.

"I can't stay up tonight, I got work in the morning. I have to figure out what I'm gonna do with 2,500 limited edition cruiser decks that you couldn't even pay someone to ride, which I accidentally ordered behind Skatemental's back!"

"That's nice." Says Monty looking towards two girls coming through the door, in a somewhat pleasant tone- confirming to Jason that Monty was completely oblivious to what he had just said.

"Hey were getting worried for you guys!" says Mont while he hugs the blond, sounding like the type of guy who gets concerned/worried when his friends show up a little tardy.

"We almost got lost like five times alone before we even got here!" says Viv in exaggeration thinking it sounded clever- clever enough to break the ice.

"Great" Jason says to himself, "Looks like it's gonna be a long night."


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