Friday, April 23, 2010

Wouldn't it Like Be an Awesome Idea if you Had a Real Online Art Gallery on the Internet?


Calling the shots as usual, Monty decides for the the group to get a table.

Monty and Viv are instantly hitting it off and their conversation serves as the centerpiece of the meeting.

Jason can't be sure how Monty and Viv know each other. Did they say the EMP pop conference in Seattle or was it the Armory in NY a couple of years back? Or both?

"Heck, I've lived in LA my whole life and I still get lost!" continues Monty. Although Monty's comment referring to the labyrinthine planning of the city of Los Angeles wasn't exactly the most clever, the way he says it still manages to get laughs out of the girls.

Every one takes a seat and Viv continues: "We just got back from the Apple store and I'm now a proud owner of an I-book!"

"Whats an I-book?" Asks Monty.

"Ive spent months on the waiting list just to get my hands on one! Its pretty much a high speed G4 processing chip combined with a super stylish white lap top interface. I'm so excited about my new toy! I was even gonna bring it in, but I didn't"

"Well, we can always check it out later!" says Monty with faked enthusiasm also suggestive that they might be going somewhere more secluded later.

Viv continues: "I am totally gonna nerd out on my new website I'm having designed!"

"New website?" says Jason, also faking interest but just saying anything as to conceal his disaffection.

"I'm getting my guy to design a site for my PR stuff and emails, but it's also gonna have an online art gallery with some pics of my work and then theres a part on the site where I can affix all my favorite songs and people can hear them for free and leave messages. My website is gonna rule!" continues Viv.

The waiter comes to the table just in time and Mont interrupts: "Drinks! We need drinks!" announces Monty.

Viv orders a Chardonnay. Sigorney a Cosmopolitan. Mont orders a Dewars and soda and Jason gets a gin and tonic.

Vivian is still yammering away: " I just always thought 'Wouldn't it like be an awesome idea if you had a real online art gallery on the internet? ' Like you wouldn't have to waste money on the overhead of renting a space and anyone could visit it anytime and buy works they were interested in?!"

"Oh nice- that sounds real nice, Right Jason!" Says Monty nugging Jason,not really knowing how to respond.

"Yeah- I wonder what my friend Mike Kelley would think of that." Jason says wryly.

"Who?" asks Viv.

"Oh, this local artist guy I met from Thurston and Kim from the Sonics."

"What you mean like the Seattle Super Sonics ." Viv asking for a hint, like she knew whats up.

"No, no ..."

"What Jason was saying is that he hangs out with all those creative types because he used to be a pro skateboarder." interjects Monty, in order to volley the conversation in a different direction.

"Right, JASON!" He says to Jason in poorly hidden contempt.

"Yeah- online art gallery. That sounds interesting."

"You used to be a professional skater?" Interjects Sigourney finally.

Viv turns and continues at Monty "But I was thinking of putting some of my mixed media stuff on the site, but I need to find out a way to digitize my slides......"

"Yeah I used to be pro" answers Jason to Sigounrey.

"Well, what do you do now?" asks Sigourney.

"I still sell boards, but I don't have to jump down things to sell them. When my old office used to be the streets of San Francisco- my office now is a comfortable cubicle next door to a small warehouse."

"Do you still skate?"

"I still skate to the store near my house, which that in itself is a minor miracle."

"You mean you don't miss the glamor of being paid to skateboard?"

"Not really. Back then I had to bust my ass just to get scraps of approval from coked up quasi urbane kids. Now I've won everyone over and I don't have to do anything. I like it better this way."


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