Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Well, I Don't Know about Adultery but I Kinda Wouldn't Actually Mind Having Some LA Cocaine"


Monty interrupts Sigourney and Jason chatting.

"Hey coach,gimme your keys? Me and Viv are gonna go check out that laptop after all."

Jason hands Monty the keys to the station wagon.

"Why did he need your keys to go look at her laptop?" Sigourney asks Jason.

"Something tells me the 'laptop' he's referring to isn't her I- book. "

"You know Viv's married and has a two year old son back in Linden?" says Sigourney smugly, as if she had been waiting for days to confide in that with someone.

"Well, her husband has nothing to worry about- they're probably just gonna do bumps off each other and maybe make out in my car."

" He would only be so lucky if they just made out! She does this every time she travels on business! On the way up here she was talking to her husband Grant, saying that we are going to a seminar that starts at nine! Then after they hung up she turned off her phone- as if pressing that button absolved everything. "

"That Grant is a lucky guy!" says Jason as he flags for the waitress.

"But what about you?" continues Jason slyly.

"What about me what?" says Sigourney caught a bit off guard, and acting like she doesn't know what Jason is asking.

"Do you have someone back home?" asks Jason, trying his best not to come off sounding too curios.

"Well, if you must know I do have a man! I've been Happily married for almost two years now." says Sigourney self consciously, fearing she may have sounded overly declarative.

"Lucky Guy."

"Oh, please spare me." snaps Sigourney calling Jason out on his fake earnestness.

" Well, I don't know about adultery but I kinda wouldn't actually mind having some LA cocaine." continued Sigourney.

Sigourney's statement hit Jason like an icy bucket of San Francisco Bay water. Just hearing the word "cocaine" bouncing off Sigourney's lips, made him instantly wired.

Jason, high off the coke before it even touched his nostrils automatically blurts back:

"NO,yeah- when they get back well hit up the station wagon."


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