Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Every Woman's Head there is a Riddle Inside a Maze


"Do not covet Thy neighbor's wife", was the Ten Commandment that Jason would always think of.

Even though Jason sometimes accidentally found himself in situations where he would be making a pass at a married woman, Jason still wasn't necessarily the type of guy to make a pass at a married woman.

Jason knew that being with a married woman felt different and was exhilarating for many reasons.

Knowing that there was someone who was willing to put themselves and their family on the line, just to activity pursue a secret affair with him- was a delicious drug.

Thinking back on some of his experiences would make him feel a rush in his belly- would even cause the back of his throat to tense up.

Hitting on a married woman could be much different though- one must really be on their game- juggling and balancing and skirting through those extra filters.

The tiniest comment at the tiniest moment could turn a "good possibility" into "lost forever"- Jason knew that because he'd been there.

No matter the situation, there was always little margin for error.In every woman's head there was a riddle inside a maze- a complicated code to crack, that once figured out could be infinitely rewarding.

Jason knew that even saying "yes" with the slightest bit of hesitation could be a New Deal breaker.

There were never any guaranteed techniques, but Jason's favorite was to coach himself in the mirror. This would raise Jason's confidence enough for him to mimic the air of self actualization that was mandatory for perpetuating an appearance of fearlessness, of being casual cool.

There were a lot of Rules to having an affair with a married woman that Jason discovered on his own, but he thought the best rule was: Let them come to you.

Sometimes the women would say "no", but sometimes Jason could still tell when they were just saying it obligatorily - that they still wanted him to keep pressing the issue.

Jason thought about all of this while Sigorney followed him out to his car. They were on their way to secretly ingest aphrodisiacs and Sigourney was very attractive and very on vacation. To not hit on Sigourney seemed a crime. Jason already felt coked to the gills. Jason decided he was going for broke tonight. He said back to himself in a whisper:



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