Thursday, April 29, 2010

"You Know, I'm Not Gonna Fuck You."


Jason dug his zebra stripped key into the dense bag of powder and put it up to Sigourney's nose, while she sat shotgun.

Sigourney placed her hand gently on Jason's as to guide it and hold it within more precise range to her small nostril.

When she was done snorting, she pulled her head back and then aggressively pushed Jason's hand away.

"You know, I'm not gonna fuck you." said Sigourney casually while she was fluctuating snorts.

Jason said nothing as he bumped himself, acting like he didn't hear her.

Sigourney looked real good sitting in Jason's station wagon though, as if she was a perfect match to the archetype of person whom the designers intended the wagon to match.

Jason pulled out a small black leather case from under his seat, unsnapped the single button on the flap and pulled out a small antique plate, a translucent blue medical razor that had been stolen from a doctors drawer and a rolled up Euro.

Eying the contents Sigourney asks "So, do you always ride around with a portable coke station in your car? "

"No,It's not mine, Mont left it here."

Sigorney chirped brightly "- you mind if I build our lines?"

"Not at all" said Jason passing her the plate tray.

Sigounrey was a handsome woman. She must have been at least ten years younger than Jason, but she certainly had no problem talking down to him. There was something other worldly yet vaguely familiar about how Sigorney carried herself.

Even the way Sigourney played with the coke looked diplomatic.
Sigourney pushing around the drugs with delicate, clinical swipes. To Jason ,it seemed safe to be doing coke with Sigourney- she made doing the coke seem sensible, almost obligatory.


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