Monday, May 17, 2010

High Before One Grain Even Touched His Nostril


LA was a city without seasons- perpetually paused in the same unending moment.

Apocalyptic rap music echoed up from the hills, past the peaks into the sky, reverberating off from the distance- sounding quaint.

Sigourney was organizing the cocaine while Jason tried to keep up with his anxious composure.

Before he actually ingested the drug- his brain notified his body that it was about to get high. Before one grain even hit his nostril, his body already began rejecting the cocaine which had yet to enter his system.

Even when Jason was escorting Sigorney back to the station wagon, he felt his stomach quiver- he was certain he had to go to the bathroom. But once he got a line in him, his body would eventually settle down and half enjoy the coke.

Jason wished Sigourney would quit playing with the dust on the plate, but he did'nt rush her.

"The whole convention was just a bust anyways" continued Sigourney starkly "Didn't exactly see anything coming off the horizon, Viv wasnt too suprised either."

"Surprising Viv doesn't sound like much of a feat" said Jason arrogantly while scraping the stuble on his neck with his fingernails.

"Don't let her bubbliness fool you, she's got more on the ball than she lets on" said Sigourney punctuating that statement by blocking off a nostril with the same hand that was holding the rolled up Euro into her nose, while her other hand was holding the egg colored plate.

"Here, Let me " said Jason as he reached to hold the plate, his hand grazing Sigourney's stockinged knee.

"Thanks!" said Sigourney for the first time sounding genuinely upbeat.

Sigourney had cut four modestly sized lines and she hovered two of them with a non challant air of conviction. She tilted her head back slightly while she twisted the end of her nose.

"Your turn, now shooter." she said as she handed Jason the Euro.

Sigourney switched hands under the plate while Jason concentrated on the dust.

Jason snorted lines the way he filmed lines. There was a right way and a wrong way to hit it. Jason would concentrate and take his time. He was never one to rush. You enjoy each trick instead of getting it over with, the calm you use on the first obstacle transfers onto the next- it was a zen kind of thing.

"It just confirmed both our suspicious- that the telecommunications industry will be extinct in less than ten years- mark my words. Telephone networks are moribund anyways, its the IPs that have taken over."

Jason snorted half of the line, paused to savor the taste and slowly inhaled the rest. He disposed of the second line in the same fashion.

Sigourney continued into coke talk: "The technology will make everything else superfluous. Networks will improve efficiency anyways because now they must be designed and operated from the bottom up rather than from the top down- so that centralized control defers to peripheral control."

"Arent you in Publishing?" said Jason half distracted by the taste of the nose paint he was gargling.

"Yeah, but I work on the legal side so its not as exciting as it sounds."


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