Monday, May 31, 2010

Children from Even More Broken Families


World Industries,a reaction to the baby boomers' reckless optimism. A muscle like flinch to the dystopic dysfunction, the societal mutations and diminished hierarchies; the disintegration of the family.

The illegitimate children generated from drunken lust, the confusion caused from the role reversal of key partys, the gangster parents, the west coast swingers and wife swappers, the mother's boyfriends who still smoked inside the apartment, the calamities inherited by a generation of fathers gambling debts, the avoidable complications caused by the luxury of not wearing condoms, the meth moms who would stay up for days sewing costumes, the fathers who left for purely selfish reasons, the gratuitous cleavage, the middle aged father wearing a gold earring to the parent teacher conference, the flip flops worn to the court room,the mom walking around the house in her panties in front of the children, the irresponsibility.

World Industries allowed us to laugh at the racism. Helped us come to terms with the deaths of those children caused by careless storage of the baby boomers' firearms. It was a sedative for the almost overt kitsch we were forced to live with,the tawdry designs of lower middle class home furnishings.

If you had no friends, no real affiliations, no visible parents around, World Industries was still able to provide realistic solutions.

If you were resourceful enough to have fifty bucks and hip enough to know where to get a World deck, then you gained entrance into the exclusive, alternative club.

If you lived in a crappy apartment or you simply didnt't want to be around your parents' dysfunction, then you could buy a World Deck and skate the obscure waxed curb next to the loading dock behind the dumpster of your complex.

If all the rich popular kids actively or passively caused you some kind of grief-then you could get back at them by wearing even baggier pants and listening to better music and going to even better concerts or shows.

If you lived in an abusive home, World Industries told you it was acceptable to lust for escape- it was okay to run a way from home- they even made it look fashionable.

World Industries made dealing with the dense smell of someone elses Saturday apartment complex laundry more palatable. The awkward utility of mandatory chores and Saturday's errands were offset by the excitement of watching obscure skate videos featuring children from even more broken families.

You grew up thinking that you should grow up in a two story house within walking/skating/biking distance from school. You should have a first girlfriend who would also serve as a faithful side kick and who may have also lived within walking distance. The teenage girlfriend with parents who could have considered you an extension of their family. There would be your easy going father who would not feel threatened when you spent the night in her room. Meeting your friends before school who also lived within walking distance would be the norm. Riding in the back of jeeps after class and going to hang out at the mall or beach. You and your childhood girlfriend could somehow go to the same college town and by the time you both graduated you would either get married or drift apart and then you would easily find a better partner.

In your foolish dreams and expectations there would be things you could/would never be able to account for. Your girlfriend's father was completely absent from her life and thus left her with mutated needs. Your girlfriend's older siblings never did like you did harass you and would always go out of their way to never miss an opportunity at subtle humiliation. Your girlfriend had the wandering eye. You girlfriend spending an inordinate amount of time with other guys. Your girlfriend's obligatory fake denial of only having platonic interest in a guy who would openly admit to everyone else how badly he wanted to fuck her.

World made such hard reality more easy to digest and accept, but it served mostly as a band aid for our problems. While they provided short term solutions,probably the only feasible solutions for some, they in the long term were also still unsustainable and detrimental .

Stereo took World further. Instead of making you feel better by making fun of your grandmother suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia, Stereo implied you should take responsibility. Stereo could make the idea of ironing you clothes, catching the bus to the home and spending precious time as a healthy alternative to dealing with the chaos you didn't create or deserve.

When World said to create more chaos to deal with pre-existing chaos- Stereo said to find what you could control, to find an order that would not necessarily dismantle the chaos, but would make the blow a bit softer.


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