Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Lot to Worry About Outside and Inside The Station Wagon


Jason swerved left on La Cienega heading up towards Santa Monica Blvd.

"So where are we going, now? I thought maybe oh hey-" Sigourney, comfortably slouched back cutting the cocaine on the plate on her laptop- with the demeanor that she didn't have a care in the world. Sigourney interrupting herself, doing most of the talking: "Are we near the Brown Derby? You know,I wouldn't mind going to some trendy LA spot! Oh hey, Can I smoke in your car?"

When she got into the wagon, Sigourney had automatically thrusted herself on the rest of the stash of coke. Jason liked pretending it was theirs, but what he didn't know by this point was that it was really now all Sigourney's blow. Sigourney had the demeanor like she was keeping the cocaine safe somehow by organizing three big piles and then turning one of the piles into some smaller baby lines.

The speakers blaring that one amphetamine fueled sounding song by the Fall was more distracting and less anthemic.

Jason was justifiably paranoid and anxious. He realized when he swerved just how in toxicated he really was. In less than an hour and a half he had three gin drinks and done less than an eightball between him and Sigourney. Jason had a lot to worry about outside and inside the station wagon.

"Here" said Sigourney, holding the rolled up Euro and plate right up to Jason's face.

Jason felt real cool holding his steering wheel with his left and blocking off a nostril with his right index finder while Sigourney guided the Euro onto the path of the line he snorted.

"Nah-I know where we can go!" said Jason while reinforcing his last snort with another series of snorts. "We'll go to the Roosevelt. You'll Like it. It's got a bar by the pool and has kinda that old timey classic golden age of Hollywood vibe."

"Fabulous!" exclaimed Sigourney as she looked down at the plate, kinda making it seem like she boosted Jason first as to distract him and hasten her turn,so that she could slyly hit an unnoticed bigger line.

Sigourney's bulky yet modern cell phone rang in her purse and she answered: "Hey- You!"

Jason kept focus on the road and tried to relax himself by tapping his finger on the wheel to the swirly guitars.

Sigourney's phone conversation dominated all the activity in the wagon and Jason was trying his best to look distracted, pretending like he couldnt care less who Sigourney was talking to. The music seemed to be playing futilely, now that Sigourney couldnt pay attention to it.

"NO I'm In LA just till tomorrow!!! I didn't think I'd hear from you!! Oh, you just got in from Greece today?! Oh wow! Yes! No! That sounds awesome!!!......well,My flights not until tomorrow evening and the convention was over today so I'm on vacation until then! No! No! Yes! Oh wonderful! NO I'm driving I think near Hollywood with my friend Jason. No I don't think he'll mind. No that sounds awesome! Okay TOC bar? Like T-O-C? Okay. No! Sure. It's okay. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! NO I can't wait! Yes- well totally catch up! I can't wait! Yes! Okay! Ill see you soon Valentino, muah! "


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