Monday, June 14, 2010

He Wanted Them to Depend on Each Other for The Only Lighter They Had


His instincts Nudged him, Jason 's Bummer High hit-, from the very moment Sigourney's cell phone rang.

"So anyways I told Valentino we could meet him at TÖC Bar for a drink." Announced Sigourney, mentioning TÖC Bar as if it was a place Jason would automatically be familiar with.

"You don't mind do you?"

Jason was too coked up to simulate the casual breeziness that goes with being flexible with plans when entertaining someone from out of town.

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter seeing that you already made the plans."

"Oh, come on, don't be that way. We'll just have one drink and then we can go to the Roosevelt place you were talking about. Besides Valentio's really fun! I really think you'd like him! The man is a genius. He really is!" Said Sigourney rifling through her purse, trying her best to keep the plate of coke on her laptop steady.

"Did he tell you where it is?" asked Jason sceptically, figuring Valentino probably did'nt give Sigourney Directions.

"No, I thought you would know. Youve never been to TÖC Bar? "

"Look, Sigourney Los Angeles is kinda a big city- I like to get drinks and all, but I don't know where every place in the county is ."

Sigourney called back the number on her cell phone, but there was no answer.

"...... I knew I should have asked Valentino for directions" she said out loud to herself " Well.... You think we can pull over somewhere and maybe use a phone book and get directions? Anyways I'm sure its close by!" Suggested Sigourney optimistically.

Jason's Plans now coming to a screeching halt, they now had to locate a convenience store in the most inconvenient city in the world. They stopped at two places before finding one with a white pages. Luckily the gas station at the third place also had a key map so they were able to locate the street the bar was on. TÖC ended up being located in Garden Grove, right near Huntington Beach- almost all the way to Costa Mesa.

It had taken an hour alone just to get directions to the TÖC and it was a forty five minute drive down the Santa Anna Freeway before they would even reach their exit.

Sigourney still organizing the cocaine and doing all the talking, Jason noticed her pulling out a small pill box: " You don't mind if I take a little, so I'm not bothering you all night?"

Yes Jason minded. Jason minded very much. Sigourney could have all the cocaine she wanted as far as he was concerned, but he wanted her bothering him all night. He wanted to sneak away secretly every fifteen minutes with Sigourney to go do a bump in not so concealed solidarity . He wanted to share the same pack of cigarettes and he wanted them to depend on each other for the only lighter they had. The thought of Sigourney's autonomy combined with what his instincts were telling him,instantly made Jason come accelerating down.

"Is anything wrong?" asked Sigourney sensing Jason's ennui.

"Nah- I'm fine" said Jason lightly and unconvincingly.

"Really? Because you're being really quiet. You've been really quiet the moment Valentino called."

"Forget about it!" snapped Jason utterly annoyed by Sigourney's bluntness.


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