Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Lot of Dancing To Be Done


Souls in limbo may master some intellectual pursuits,but now Jason's look is neither sad nor joyful, he could sense the greatness of human reason and genius and its insufficiency for the problems of destiny and requirements of the soul. Stagnated at the cusp of moral oblivion; interestingly,into Purgatory rather than the top tiers of hell; Jason, a most un-virtuous pagan,follows Sigourney into TÖC Bar.

TÖC Bar's facade was that of a castle made of grey stucco bricks, a castle looking like it had been ostensibly fashioned for the previous tenant.

It was about to be Wednesday morning and TÖC Bar was stacked with pedestrians."The Rhytmn is Gonna get you" was thubbing out of the Miami sound machine.Women were dressed in loose, flashy dresses that were seemingly meant to be worn for practicing a type of dance that was named after a condiment.

Jason, feeling like he had just walked into a Felix Arguelles video part, is reminded about the line from a better song: "They say you're nothing but party girls, just like a million more all over the world", as he looks at Sigourney who's scanning around the bar for Valentino.

Sigourney assumed a loose, festive gait as she walked through the TÖC. They could have gone to many much cooler places in LA, for Sigourney's temporary vacation, but Sigourney didn't seem to mind.

Sigourney finally spots her group and Jason continues walking behind her as she flags him down.

"Valentino!" Sigourney calls out. "Valentino!"

Sigourney walks up to the Valentino's group and they immediately cling to each other. When the hug is finally over they still loosely have their arms around each other, in half embrace.

"Sigournie, bella- you look bee-you-teeful, as usual" chirps Valentino.

"You don't look too bad yourself, Valentino. Have you been working out!?" asks Sigourney with playful contempt.

"I'm training for UFC!!!!" says Valentino, also half announcing it to the group, proudly and defiantly as if he was riding the crest of some zeitgeist vanguard.

"Well, Valentino, if anyone can do it- it's you!" says Sigourney over enthusiastically as she turns towards Jason and incredulously asks: "Don't you think Valentino could get into UFC, Jason?"

Jason didn't have the mental energy to respond and even if he did, he still wouldn't have known what to say. He found it easier to just stand half wired staring straight ahead, looking super pissed.

Jason noticed Valentino's eyes take a quick dart down at Jason's shoes, feeling himself being sized up.

Valentino, Jason's new instant rival, looking like he had just come from the gym, was wearing :a Ramones t-shirt with the shirt collar scissored out- (as to accentuate his sculpted shoulders), a black bandanna on his head, some tight fitting jogging shorts and a pair of some unremarkable, modernly teched out Pumas.

"And who is dis person here?" asks Valentino to Sigourney as if Jason wasn't allowed in on their conversation.

"This is my friend Jason. Jason, this is Valentino. You know Jason's an athlete too!" says Sigourney with an unintentional air of mockery. "Hes a professional skater."

"A professional what?" snaps Valentino, acting annoyed because the meaning of Jason's job description had escaped him.

"Skateboarder, Vali. Jasons a professional skateboarder." explains Sigourney.

"Oh, like he jumps around on the little ramps" says Valentino jokingly.

Valentino turns to Jason: "What you like play with toys, cabron?"

Years ago Jason had a small cameo in a Sonic Youth video. He was the forth
skateboarder in the world to have a shoe out on Airwalk ,right along with Tony Hawk.

Jason was also Instrumental in influencing a small Select group of young skaters who
would mold the cultural landscape of the underground- distilling the free spirit of jazz and the nature of the streets into an easily consumable pop product- sublime and iconic in design.

Now Valentino still had his arms around Sigourney, who was also a married woman, a woman who's presence took an unexpected and uncontrollable effect on Jason.

That one line from that one song off the Arizona Record, "I can't fuck", rang through Jason's head.

It was utterly soul crushing to Jason that Sigourney wasn't his, but she added insult to injury by flaunting Valentino in his face. The fact that Valentino was most likely to take the prize of Sigourneys taught , tawny flesh- that Valentino was Sigourneys choice, sank Jason to deeper, newer depths.

A prisoner of Sigourney's over zealousness Jason had no choice but to taste the pain.

The TÖC Bar serving as a playground for the throng, started Belting "Push it" and Jason could hear a communal sie as men and women rushed the dance floor.

"I love this song!" announced Valentino as he pulled Sigourney out past the group, leaving Valentino's friends staring at Jason with a passive air of scrutiny as he stood there desperately needing a bump.

Jason couldn't take his eyes off Sigourney and Valentino on the dance floor, bobbing up and down in synch to the hypocrisy of the synthesizer's melody.

Tonite the TÖC Bar was going off. Everything was in full swing and every body was dancing, everybody wanted to dance and there were a lot of reasons to dance and there was a lot of dancing to be done.

Jason still staring at Sigourney and Valentino. Sigourney whispering into Valentino's ear probably offering him some of the cocaine that Sigourney bummed off of Jason, the cocaine that Jason still probably had to pay for.

Feeling like a voyeur, with the desperation of a stalker, Jason looked down at Sigourney and was floored when he saw her hand clutching to Valentio's crotch.

Sigourney's hand on Valentinos dick had become the punchline to the entire night. The sight sent Jason into such despair, that he no longer had the energy or strength to do more coke.

The name of the party was "Party you had been to six hundred times already", but this one was much worse. The schoolyard wins again. Jason had no choice but to resign himself to simply turning around, walking out and leaving the TÖC. He had been bably beaten by the bar, he had a long ride home and tommorrow he had to think of someway to unload 2,500 limited edition Jason Lee Skatemental guest cruiser decks, that he had accidentally over ordered behind his company's back- the kind of decks that you absolutely could'nt pay anyone to skate.


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