Thursday, September 2, 2010

Skatemental is Element Light


"You see what I have to deal with around here, Lair!?" said Reese to Larry Balma as if they were demoing on the same team.

"What Larry meant-" continues Jannete " was he would like to see Skatemental make a more successful crossover transition into the mainstream market. If I remember correctly, they did actually make a killing being sold through Macy's!"

"Oh they made a killing alright! Vision has blood on their hands- thats for sure. " retorted Jason cooly.

"Listen can we not just dwell on the Gator murder? This is business! If I'm not mistaken, we are at an actual business meeting, not a philosopher's table, ya know." defended Reese solemly.

"Well I must say,Yes, Yes it is unfortunate what happened to that poor girl. BUT- Ive been running some numbers with one of my guys and if we can get product into some of those outlets that I think we can- then it's just gonna be an all around sweet deal for all of us! We really got a good shot at this!"

"Well, you see Lair- Jasons afraid of a little thing called money. The way he's going, hes gonna die poor and lonely like Sleepy John Estes."

Larry turned to Jason in the back,focusing on him: "No Reese, I think I understand where Jason is coming from. Im an artist too and I think Skatemental is really cool! I really do! Jason is just obviously concerned about Skatemental's art direction. Am I right? "

"Art direction? What art direction?" blurted Jason frankly.

" Little nickelback's worth of advice:Those are two words you don't bring up in front of J, Laird. Jason's still a little sore becuase we hired on a different graphic designer." fake secretly loud whispered Reese to Larry - loud enough for the group to hear.

"Well, when you lured me into this- you did tell me I would do graphics! I was never supposed to be in sales!Remember that one Reese!!?"

"Well, you lied to me about your Photoshop and Quark skills." Retorted Reese pettily.

"That's just one of your excuses that conveniently makes no sense to anyone else other than you.I was supposed to be head art director with an assistant designer below me!!"

Meagan on the other side of the row laughs out loud to herself.

"Wha?" says Jason turning towards to Meg, utterly irritated from her distraction.

"You said BLOW ME. 'An assistant designer blow me!'" Said Megan lightly, trying to distract the tensions.

"Yeah, Hardy fuckin Har." barked Jason back.

Reese continued so he wouldn't loose his momentum:"Yes I do understand that was a part of the original arrangement, but a lot of things changed, Jason. What about all your negative criticisms that bough everyone down right from the get go? Huh? Your too cool for school cynacism?? All that negative negativity." Reese turns to Larry and Jannet, pleadingly "I'd work hours on ideas and little edits and things and Jason would look at them for less than a second and automatically shoot them down!"

"That's because they were horrible!!!" said Jason, standing up.

"And that's what I'm talking about,Lair! You see? No, ya know what? NO NO NO,I'm glad all this is coming up on the first meeting. So you could see. So you could see what I have to work around!" said Reese exhausted, his hand resting on the side of his face.

"Does this have anything to do with Don Pendleton?" asked Larry, trying to break back into the conversation.

"Yeah a little and more than that, that trick is a typical Reese move. Reese wanting to cling on to the trendiest gimmick graphic artist, even if it did inconveniently breech his word. It didn't matter to Reese I've already moved my own graphics. He just grabbed Element's guy when he got the chance to steel him away like a rat and now Skatemental is Element light- "

"Where is Don, anyways?" asked Jannete with a sensibility that reflected some type of motherly concern.

"Don's probably playing X-box in his treehouse in Mendocino right now" snapped Jason.

Reese with the demeanor of a stand-up,standup comic trying to change the subject, turned back at Jannet defensively both hands on his chin, half covering his mouth:

"Um....we outsource him. For tax purposes. What can I say? Dons the avan-guarde of the virtual office!"


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