Monday, July 11, 2011

Rep Territory


Bastien, perhaps past peak dressage - restless, went to his Quicksilver dry dive sea drive bag, pulled out a crumpled piece of stationary and handed it over to Jay.

“Peep what I found lying around in the office at NOZBONE couple of days ago.” Bastien walking back to his spot at the table, putting the unplugged Fender back in his lap.

The note read:

Good afternoon,

There are some exciting changes happening over here at Skatemental. Those of you who don't know me, my name is Jay Lee. I have been with the mental since 1998 coordinating retail in SF, to now heading our distribution sales team. Recently, I was promoted to Global sales manager, which in tails some changes to our sales rep contacts.

We have hired an east coast based sales rep Ray Mate, whom I will be working with side by side to help build and grow the brand in all our east coast territory. Scott Mackey whom was our east coast in house rep will now be our West Coast sales contact. Below I have broken down our rep territory and contact emails. We are also transitioning into new emails, so please take note of that. Your new sales rep will be in contact with you very soon introducing our Spring 2002 hard goods and apparel pre books and also scheduling appointments for all trade shows. You can also contact me at anytime for any questions or concerns. Our hole team here at Skatemental wants to thank you for your continued support of the brand and we look forward to keep building with you through the end of this year and into the 2002 season. Thank you for you time and have a wonderful day.

Territories include all states West of the Mississippi River except Texas and Louisiana

Territories include all states East of the Mississippi river

Territory includes all domestic majors, Texas, Louisiana, and international Distribution


Best regards,

Jay Lee

New Email:

Jay Lee - Global Sales Manager **Skatemental World wide**
545 S. Clarence Street. Los Angeles, Ca 90033
t 323.264.8656 | f 213.243.5718 | c 650.270.9167 | w

Jay realizing the document, was then filled with first hand embarrassment, crumbled it up in a flinch and threw it onto the throw rug – the letter hovering inches above the suite’s floor.

It wasn't just the typos, wasn't just the diction.

Bastien raking a line out of the pile, more out of need for posture action, looks back at Jay Lee cautiously.

“You sure you don’t want a line?” asks Bastien, consolingly.

Jay said nothing and got up, went to the table and grabbed the rolled up Euro from Bastien.

Inhaling the cocaine only made him nervous- it would be a couple of minutes before it hit him, then he would be onto another line and by the third would be led astray on specks from the white hot comet trail of the Bolivian Marching Powder.

The soldiers began their march, Jay didn’t feel like sitting down but forced himself.

Bastien said nothing, looked down at one of the lines, blocked off a nostril and snorted with an air of duty as if taking antibiotics.

Bastien raised his head and automatically raked the remaining specks back into the pile.

“It’s fucked- I know. What can you do?” said Jay fluctuating snorts.

Bastien said nothing and handed back the Euro.

“You doubt your instincts- go against them thinking you’re outsmarting yourself, but it just becomes a mess. People think the inside story of a man is that if he wanted to be successful, he must become a rugged individualist then he should make some adjustments. After that, he needs to conform. You can go from being a rugged individualist to a conformist in a blink of an eye, only to become pasteurized and sanitized by your environment. My days are marked, Bastien. It’s only a matter of time before I’m in an apron serving strangers for five dollars. My rivals will be satisfied.”


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