Thursday, February 4, 2010

Casper the Friendly Ghost



If you go around saying that I was extra upset because it was Guy who fucked Gina- then you shouldn't be talking about things that you don't know. For one thing, I couldn't even be bothered by Guy that much. Of course since I'm a skater, some would automatically assume I would just go to pieces because it was Guy Mariano who fucked my wife. But,if you must know, it would have hurt just the same if it had been someone like Dave Duren or Chris Pastras.

What I can't fathom is, exactly why Gina would do this.Sure ,Guy was once the best skater in the world, but Gina never cared about that sort of thing and its not like Guy is even that good looking. By the time she fucked him, he wasn't the same person who did the nosegrind/heelflip/ tailslide line at San Pedro. That Guy had been long gone.

Gina was beautiful. The world always came to her , would always constantly distract. I'd take her out to eat and I'd even have to worry about our waiter talking to her too much- getting too friendly.

And she just loved to flap her big gums; "Oh you're thinking of joining the peace corps!? That's fabulous! I once thought about joining the peace corps too! I was reading this one book......".

She always encouraged men to talk to her, didn't even seem to matter who it was. All the awkward moments Ive spent left standing, hanging, listening to her talk to some new guy, while I just sit back waiting for it to be over. The other guy thinking secretly : " Your girl sure is paying attention to me. I hope you're not around the next time I see her."

Whenever we went to parties she would always dart off. It was like taking a dogg who had been inside all day for a walk and them wanting to smell every blade of grass out there. The worst was when I would go to the parties of her friends. Trying to squeeze the most out of any conversation with whoever I could have- trying not to drink too much. Even when I would find myself having a decent convo with someone I would still be thinking to myself: "Were the hell is she at?!". I can hear someone telling me:"Oh Gina left with Maggie and Tyler. They should be back soon."

Her friends in LA never liked me much anyways. They treated me like I really did rape Chloe Sevingy. I'm sure they'd sooner give me credit for being a bad rapist than a good actor. That was the stigma that went with making that movie. The Larry Clark curse. Dead Harold , just like the guy in Tulsa. Was I cursed because Larry picked me or was I already cursed and Larry picking me was just indicative of that?

That's the same kind of circular logic of the Guy clip from Video Days making it into that scene in Kids. A prophetic sort of irony. Im in a scene where Im watching footage of that little boy on the skateboard who will one day fuck my wife and Im sittting on the couch next to Billy Waldman.

Thats the same kind of weird syncopation that works in cities like LA and Las Vegas. All laid down in the ether or somewhere below the situation- waiting . Everything clicks, but it clicks in a bad way- deliberately sinister.


BrightEyesBigFuture said...
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BrightEyesBigFuture said...

That was beautifully written, eerie as fuck... still eloquent... If I had a JONSEY of dog sense.. would it lead me to believe that Casper really is a ghost?..

Ben Creswell said...

Just wish he was still alive

Ben Creswell said...

He had so much knowledge he could have passed on. I wish I got to meet him

Unknown said...

Glad people are still remembering him in 2018...

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